new black diamond tech trail at Powder mountain resort bike park - inspector lee

YouTube Video: Inspector Lee Tech Trail at Powder Mountain Bike Park

Powder Mountain opened their first bike park trails this summer, and I was stoked to be able to try them out for the first time!

We moseyed along on the green trail as a warm up, and even tested the blue flow jump trail, but what peaked my interest the most was the black tech single track trail called Inspector Lee.

With fast and loose turns, plenty of chunky rocks, and even an alternate line in the middle of the trail, Inspector Lee exceeded my expectations for the first black diamond trail at the new Powder Mountain bike trail system.

I follow my friend Wynter (@seasonally confused on Instagram) down this fun line, which definitely kept me on my toes.

Check out my other social accounts for more content, and enjoy the ride!

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Your nacforadventurer and gal that has inspected and approved this trail,



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