Why #nacforadventure?

New Adventure


Welcome to our blog!

We are two adventurers that love to spend time outdoors.

Now you’re probably wondering what the heck “#nacforadventure” means. So let’s start there. Well, we’ve got a knack for adventure, a knack for life, and a knack for having fun. But you know what’s cool? NAC happens to be our initials. Nic, AJ and our last names also both start with C, so it worked out perfectly.

We wanted to start this blog and hashtag to document and share our adventures and memories with friends, families, and sometimes just for ourselves, because who doesn’t just look back at their photos and reminisce. This blog takes it one step further.

And you know what’s great about this day and age? That you can create your own blogs and social media sites and have that entrepreneurial spirit. You have the ability to post what you want, and just maybe you will connect with people who think the exact same way. That’s what’s cool. The connection between two otherwise distant people can occur just through browsing Instagram or Facebook.

Recently I (AJ) visited Paris with the business school at Utah State. We visited all sorts of businesses and companies, but the one thing that I learned is that the U.S. is a great place to be an entrepreneur. And basically, if you have an idea, and you have the passion, then you can push yourself to go for what you want. I was a little hesitant about the thought of keeping up on a blog. And to be honest… I worried no one would read it. At least I know two people would read it (Nic and I hahaha), and maybe, if we’re lucky, our parents will.

So here’s a daily reminder. Dare to do new things. Because adventures aren’t always camping in a hippie van or climbing up a mountain. Sometimes adventures are things that just took some courage to begin.


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