targhee cirque series trail running race vlog recap - best trail running race at a ski resort

YouTube Video: Targhee Cirque Series Recap

Welcome to another trail running edition of the NACFORADVENTURE vlog.

This week, we headed north for my second Targhee Cirque Series, which is a 7.1 mile course up and down the ski resort with a whopping 2200′ of elevation gain.

My goal was to beat last year’s time of 1:35, so I set out on the course to run through the mountains and flower-covered fields. Not only did I get beautiful views along the way, but I had one hell of a crew waiting for me at the bottom to cheer me on and celebrate a rewarding race.

Enjoy this video recap of the race, and I can’t wait until next year for more races!

Your nacforadventurer covered in honey and dirt,



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