sustainable choices farmer's market day vlog with vegan recipes

YouTube Video: A Sunday Market Day Vlog

Today’s NACFORADVENTURE day vlog looks a little different than the past month.

Between a crash during a mountain bike race, an 8.7 mile trail run around Snowbird, and plenty of biking and filming with Wildhorn, my body has been through a lot.

So this week, I decided to slow it down to do some of my other favorite activities, which include going to the farmer’s market, shopping at a vintage market, making plant-based recipes, and riding my bike to run errands.

I hope you enjoy today’s vlog, which showcases the sustainable and plant-based side of NACFORADVENTURE, as it is just as important to me as the high-adrenaline activities and events.

Let us know if you try the breakfast hash recipe, and make sure to check out the #parttimeplants side of the NACFORADVENTURE blog for more tips on sustainability and other plant-based recipes.

Your part time plant eater and gal that needs to take a break occasionally,



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