snowbird cirque series race 2022 trail running vlog

YouTube Video: 2022 Snowbird Cirque Series Race

It’s been a year since my first Cirque Series race, and I’m back.

Back to the bottom of the Gadzoom chairlift. Then up to the Cirque Trail, up Mt. Baldy, down through the tunnel, then back to the Gadzoom lift. This was the course for the 2022 Cirque Series race, and I had set a goal to race against myself. To beat my time from last year. Move up a couple placements in my category, and ultimately, enjoy some type 2 kinda fun.

This is my second Snowbird Cirque race and my third overall time racing in this series, so I felt a little more seasoned and ready for a challenge.

And we did it. We made it back in one piece. Without crazy weather. With Nic cheering me on along the way. And I walked (or, rather, limped) away from the Snowbird Cirque Series with a happy heart.

Join me on this trail running race as I complete 8.7 miles with 3,566′ elevation gain up and down the epic terrain at Snowbird Resort.

Check out my other social accounts for more content, and enjoy the video!

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