an eventful midweek mountain bike race at Snowbird - mini enduro race

YouTube Video: An Eventful Mini Enduro Race At Snowbird

You know those days when you just have everything go wrong? In the start of this video, I didn’t realize what was ahead of me. I signed up for the last Women’s Midweek Mini Enduro race at Snowbird with a couple of my friends, and I was so excited to try a new trail.

I didn’t pre ride the course, so maybe that’s where I went wrong, because I ended up having a little trouble on the trail.

Luckily, I did have some of the best ride buddies around, and I was able to finish the races with only a couple mishaps along the way, and I’m excited to take you along.

A huge shoutout to GripIt sports for sponsoring this race and giving me a very memorable evening.

Check out my other social accounts for more content, and enjoy the ride!

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