run the snowbird 2021 cirque series race with me - through wind, rain, hail, and mud

YouTube Video – Run The Snowbird Cirque Series 2021 With Me

The event that I’ve been waiting anxiously for has finally come and gone!

Last year, I signed up for the Snowbird Cirque series in hopes of dipping my toe in yet another sport that helps me get outside and stay active.

While the weather wasn’t ideal, it made for the best Type 2 kinda fun that I could have ever asked for.

I’ll let the video speak for itself, and so sit back and watch the latest YouTube video from NACFORADVENTURE: Run The Snowbird Cirque Series 2021 With Me, where you can find out why I signed up for this race, my favorite items from Zatural and Lilova, as well as an outfit check/warm up combo, and some very unexpected hail on the Cirque Ridge.

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Code: AJ20

Your nacforadventurer and gal that’s hooked on the Cirque Series,



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