24-7 trail mountain bike session park city utah bob's basin video

YouTube Video: 24-7 Trail Session

Mountain biking for 24-7??? Don’t let the name fool you…. welcome to a short and sweet version of this week’s MTB Trail Session on the trail named 24-7!

This short section of downhill trail is a connector that reaches the Drop Out trail. It is required to go to the enduro trails in the Jeremy Ranch/ Bob’s Basin region of Park City, Utah.

The blue square trail isn’t the main attraction in this system of trails, but it sure it a nice break from the uphill on the way to connect with the other trails.

You’ll like this trail if you enjoy flowy mid-level trails with a little bit of chunky rocks added in. Practice cornering and pushing around the tight switchbacks while enjoying an extensive view of the valley below.

Your 24/7 nacforadventurer,



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