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YouTube Video: First Time Riding Clipless Pedals

I finally did it. I finally took the jump to learn clipless pedals on my mountain bike.

Clipless pedals are pedals that integrate with certain bike shoes in order to “clip in” to your bike (confusing… I know).

Not only does this provide a more efficient way to climb, but it also adds some stability when going over bumpy and technical trails.

I partnered with Level 9 Sports to test out clipless pedals out on the trails, so enjoy this video as I pick up my shoes, switch over my pedals, practice clipping in and riding, and sequentially head out to some gnarly terrain for my second time riding with the new set up:

Mallet 2 Clip-in Pedals

Five Ten Trailcross CL

A huge thanks to Level 9 for sponsoring this video. Check their website out here, and head to their stores if you’re in the Salt Lake City area!

Your nacforadventurers and clipless pedal duo,

AJ and Nic


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