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YouTube Video: Lost Lad Bike Vlog – Is the Downhill Worth the Climb?

Rewind to 2020. I had bought my bike two months earlier, and I was honing in on my mountain bike skills. Lost Lad was one of the first black diamond trails that I rode. It included gap jumps, tight corners, and fast trails through a little valley.

Despite a very intense uphill and a gnarly crash straight into a gap jump, I still remember this being a pivotal moment in my mountain bike progression, as it was a great benchmark.

This week, we ventured out to try it again after 2 years of our mountain biking journey.

Join me, Nic, and our friend Marcus Catlett, as we hike-a-bike up some serious steeps before finding ourselves on a neat little path through an overgrown gully. We hit some jumps, including a small tree gap, ride by rock walls, and whiz by the bright green trees.

Your nacforadventurers and finders of the little lad,

AJ and Nic


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