mountain bike trail review - 19th avenue blue square flow trail

YouTube Video: 19th Avenue Blue Square Flow Trail Review

In hopes of branching out from my regular trails, I wanted to start exploring new rides along the Wasatch front. This week, I decided to give 19th Avenue another shot after a major let down last year. I rode it close to a year ago after the trail was first established, and my crew was hoping for a steep flowy trail, as there are only a couple options in the Salt Lake Valley.

I lowered my expectations and hit the trail with a fresh palette to test this new-ish trail along the Bonneville Shoreline Trail.

Join along as I pump and flow along this blue square trail, and learn more about this fun ride on the latest installment of the NACFORADVENTURE YouTube Video:

Your nacforadventurer and gal who may have judged a trail too quickly,



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