a chaotic ski and photoshoot day vlog

YouTube Video: A Chaotic Ski and Photoshoot Day Vlog

Welcome back to the latest hectic day in the life of Nic and AJ as we head up to the mountain to grab some shots of the 2023 Liberty Origin Backcountry 106 skis.

We end up getting some rad photos (Spoiler alert!!), but we go through a lot to get there. From forgetting some vital ski equipment to heavy and corny snow conditions to an almost-core shot, we take you through a May ski and shoot day in the Wasatch backcountry.

Thanks so much to Nic for snapping all the photos, and shoutout to Mother Nature who let us enjoy a beautiful day when we were expecting overcast and cloudy.

Your nacforadventurers and grateful humans,

AJ and Nic


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