A Very Chaotic Bike Day And A Bobsled Ride In Utah YouTube Video thumnail, girl sitting in car before bike ride

YouTube Video – A Very Chaotic Bike Day And A Bobsled Ride

Hello, and welcome back to the latest installment of the NACFORADVENTURE YouTube videos.

The video follows along my very chaotic bike day where every single thing seemed to go wrong.

From having a flat to forgetting tools to even locking the keys in the car, I didn’t have a single boring moment, and it was definitely a reminder that life is too short to let little things get you down.

Alas, after all the pandemonium, we are able to get a great fall ride on one of the local downhill trails, Bobsled.

During the video, I also talk about an awesome local Utah business that works towards making sustainability convenient. Foster’s Refillery is a refillable delivery service that specializes in hygiene and cleaning products. If you are in the Salt Lake City area, check them out!

I also just want to say a thank you to my friends, Becky, Karlie, and Bo for being so the best bike friends a gal could have and helping me fix my bike.

Your nacforadventurer, and forgetful biker,



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