Sustainable Period Products for Outdoorsy Gals featuring Lilova, Glad Rags, and OrganiCup

Sustainable Period Products For Outdoorsy Gals

Probably one of the most dreaded things for outdoorsy gals is being on your period smack dab in the middle of your next adventure. Whether that be your next backpacking trip or even just a killer pow weekend, dealing with shedding your uterine lining is less than ideal.

And if you are spending a lot of time outside, you may also be thinking about the waste that goes behind typical period products. You want something sustainable and reusable, while still being convenient.

Fortunately, there are some amazing products out there to make you feel comfortable and clean while spending time in the wilderness.

Let’s take a look at my favorites:

glad rags sustainable period products - panty liner
photo: Animalia

Glad Rags Reusable Panty Liner

While there are plenty of reusable pads out there, I decided to get the panty liner as protection against the lighter days.


Machine Washable


Cute prints

Easy to use

Wide variety of absorbency

Saves money


Pricier initial investment

Must store in tightly secured bag

Where to Find:

Locally: Animalia in Salt Lake City, UT

Online: Glad Rags

organiCup menstrual cup- sustainable period products
photo: Animalia

OrganiCup Menstrual Cup:

While the cons on the period cup seem scary, it’s been a great low- waste alternative to tampons.

Check out here for a how-to video if it’s your first time.



Saves money

Comes with storage pouch


Learning curve on how to use

Must boil in order to sanitize

Pricier investment

Where to get:

Locally: Animalia in Salt Lake City, UT

Online: OrganiCup

seamless Lilova period panty - sustainable period products for outdoorsy gals
photo: Lilova

Lilova Period Panties

Period panties are honestly such a great idea! They are comfortable, and you can pretty much go about your normal day. While it does take a little bit to get used to not using any other products, it’s so worth it, sustainability-wise.


Easy to use

Great styles – 8 different styles available on

A wide variety of absorbencies (And surprisingly absorbent) – For instance, the pair I got, holds a little more than 2 tampons’ worth.

Saves money – Each year, menstruating individuals can spend up to $270, which is about 10 pairs of Lilova!

Great backup for the menstrual cup


Style must fit correctly in order to work properly

I only have one pair- I would suggest to get at least two or three in order to have them on hand!

Where to get:

Online: Lilova (Use code AJ20 for a little discount!)

Your full-time plant eater and sustainable period-haver,



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