Using a ride-share/uber to shuttle a bike ride - NACFORADVENTURE Youtube video

YouTube Video- Using A Ride-Share Program To Shuttle A Bike Ride: A NACFORADVENTURE Experiment

Have you ever not had enough people to shuttle a bike ride?

Were you just too lazy after a work day?

Did you not want to chase the light because it’s getting darker earlier?

Well, we thought the exact same things, and wondered if we were able to make a ride-share program into a bike shuttle.

So take a look at the latest NACFORADVENTURE YouTube Channel: Taking an Uber to Shuttle A Bike Ride, where we you can find a short and sweet uphill, gap jumps over junk cars, and a realization of what Strava is actually for.

Product Links:

Jack & Friends Jerky

Your nacforadventurers and Uber shuttlers,

AJ and Nic


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