Introducing Re-Purposed Scrunchies On The NACStore

Well, I finally did it. I got some motivation to make Re-purposed Scrunchies from leftover scrap fabric in my sewing box. I found fabric from my DIY Halloween Costume, as well as used scraps from thrifted items from the Rosy Cheeks and Green Circle Collection of Re-purposed Neck Tubes. Plus, some other fun scarp fabric pieces along the way.

These scrunchies are re-purposed, but they are here to do more than that. I am very excited to announce that $1 from each sale on NacForAdventure will be donated to the Environmental Defense Fund to help the fight against climate change.

Check out a preview of the colors below, and make sure to check them out on the Nacstore starting today. Products are available to ship or for pick-up in Salt Lake City, Utah.


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Shop Here

Your nacforadventurer and sustainable scrunchie lover,




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