Items In An Eco-Conscious Girl’s Purse

I always try to be prepared. Whether we are eating out, and I need a fork or I have an impromptu shopping trip after work. 

While it’s a lot easier to keep items in my car, it’s also just as easy to keep my purse stocked with items to make sure I stay environmentally friendly. 

So let’s take a look at everything in an eco-conscious gal’s purse: 

Reusable silverware /chopsticks

Used for picnics in the park or even just at Chipotle dine-in.

Packable reusable bag

Chico-style bags are great to ball up and store in your purse. They can be used to collecting trash from the sidewalk on a stroll or grabbing fresh veggies on a quick grocery trip. 

Reusable water bottle

Getting coffee or tea to go? Or need a refill of water? I like my small Yeti bottle that I can easily clip to my purse (it also fits inside). And I can get both hot and cold beverages in it. 

fat and the moon clay idol plastic free lipstain
Lipstick like the Clay Idol orange color from Fat and The Moon is a plastic-free way to get ready using items just in your purse.


Who says you can’t look amazing while also being eco-friendly? I have the Fat and the Moon orange lip stain that I got from Animalia in Salt Lake City. It’s plastic-free, and it the perfect shade to pop with my outfit. 


Nature is alot less forgiving than you think. Sunscreen is a vital part of my skin routine, so I always keep some in my bag in case of an impromptu walk, picnic or frolfing session. 

Make sure it’s reef safe like Salt and Stone or plastic-free like sunscreen from Meow Meow Tweet.


They are a functional and totally 90’s vintage way to keep you hair out of your face while saving the world. I’ve started making my own scrunchies from leftover fabric and elastic (yay re-purposed!). Check out the NEW! nacforadventure re-purposed scrunchies on the nacstore here. 


While this doesn’t really have anything to do with the environment, I think that having cards in your purse is a great way to end boredom with friends. And I guess you can start a fire with it just in case. 

sunglasses in an eco-conscious girl's purse
Sunglasses are an absolute must during the sunny days of summer…


This goes with sunscreen. Protecting your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays is just as important as protecting your skin. Invest in high quality sunglasses to prevent cycling though cheap plastic sunnies. Also check out eco-conscious brands like Zeal, who use plant-based materials in their sunglasses, as well as give back to charities like 1% for the Planet. 

Small pocket knife

In case you need to save a small animal from plastic trash, or just need to cut up an apple, a small pocket knife is a good choice to have in your purse. 


Perhaps the most resourceful tool in my purse. I look up vegan options at the local restaurant or the best route to ride my bike to run errands.

Phones are also great thanks to things like Venmo and Shopify stores, which cuts out the need for paper receipts (and you won’t have to go through your purse every two days to clear out long receipts). 

So next time you’re prepping your purse, throw some of these items into there so you can always be prepared for saving the world. 

complete list of items in an eco-conscious girl's purse
Complete list of items in an eco-conscious girl’s purse.

Your eco-conscious gal with a prepared purse, 



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