Not The Typical #NacForAdventure Post

Today I posted a picture that did not match the aestetic of my typical Instagram pictures.

My feed is mostly filled with picture of solo me in front of the camera in front of nature. I always use the same filter and similar editing techniques (still used my same filter this time…), and I always have standards for what I post, even when sharing a product or company or promoting new blog posts. This goes back for about a year and a half, and for more than 240 posts. As soon as I graduated college and veered away from posts about me and my sorority sisters, all of my posts have had some outdoor-orientated element.

But I have realized that I don’t want my Instagram posts to confine me into a box. Because there are other sides to me besides being the adventurous outdoor girl.

So why this post:

 Also this:

First of all, I love GLOW. If y’all haven’t seen it, and you enjoy any of the following three things, I highly suggest it: the 80’s(hair, clothes, etc.), wrestling (ladies), Alison Brie(an icon).

Second, when my grandmother died, I got her sewing machine. Sewing has sorta been something that makes me feel closer to my grandmother. She made a pillow that I still have on my bed today. She helped me with my sewing projects in 8th grade. She made quilts and all sorts of amazing things. But most of all, she made my Halloween costumes. One in particular was my Cinderella dress, that I wore constantly.


And now, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Not because I love dressing up. Or that I love scary things. Or I can go see Rocky Horror Picture Show. Or that I love sweets and pumpkin carving. But underneath, it reminds me of my grandma and that Cinderella costume.

So this year, I decided to make my own costume. Ever since she passed away, I have always found ways to DIY my costumes and outfits for themed parties. I shop second hand, reuse the endless amount of costumes my parents have, or use everyday clothes.

But this time was the real deal. Cutting and sewing pieces of fabric (not that much fabric, but it still counts) and making it into a full-on outfit. Complete with button snaps and a simple corset. While I have made piece of clothing like simple skirts and a dress from a pattern for my senior project, this time seemed different.

I was making it up as I went only going off Pinterest pictures and rewatching GLOW. I did it over a course of two weeks (about the same amount of time as watching the first season). It was great because it wasn’t rushed. It was a fun, slow, mind-puzzling process that I could come home and work on after my job. Here are some things I learned:

How to make your own pattern from pieces of clothing you own (in my case, a body suit)

That a material exists that basically turns any sort of cloth into an iron-on patch

My arms are alot longer bigger than I thought (I really should use my measuring tape more)

JoAnns app is amazing

It’s better to make a couple trips to JoAnns so you can use the max amount of coupons on a bunch of different things (instead of one big haul)

You will have to make atleast three trips back to the store.

Everyone will ask you if you are being Wonder Woman/Supergirl if you buy blue and red fabric together during Halloween

No one knows what GLOW is (y’all… seriously watch it)

Alison Brie is my absolute favorite (jk I already knew that)

Not only did I learn all these great things, but my costume cost me a total of 30.67 (And half of that were the boots I bought secondhand off Poshmark), and I saved about 22.24 with all my couponing.

I know this is supposed to not be my typical post, but I just wanted to plug sustainability. In the most recent Halloween episode of the Dressed Podcast, they discussed the environmental impact of synthetic mass-marketed Halloween costumes. My costume wasn’t just a $17.99 awful knock off costume from Spirit of Halloween. It was a beautifully (kinda) crafted piece of art that I made, and will most likely keep for the rest of my life. It took time and effort, and I tried to only get enough fabric so there wasn’t excess waste. I looked towards more sustainable ways to create a rad af costume, and I hope you consider that next Halloween.

Lastly, I want to thank you for reading this. It’s not my typical blog post. It’s not about cooking or a plant-based diet. It’s not about a hike we did or a trip we took. But it was me realizing that there’s more to me and life than just the outdoor side. So why am I so anxious to post anything but that on my instagram??? That’s a whole other topic for another time….


Til the next life adventure (whether outdoors or not)







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