millcreek canyon in the spring in salt lake city, Utah

Why Spring Is The Best Season

Where has spring gone! I have explained why fall and winter are great seasons, and it’s easy to admit that spring is also the best season. While all of the spring season has been in a weird situation this year of 2020, I think it’s important to appreciate the little things around us.

We get to spring forward with Daylight Savings.

millcreek canyon in the spring in salt lake city, Utah
All green everything. The bare trees now have pretty green leaves

Which means later sunsets and more sunlight during the days.

Bird chirping.

When the sun is shining, yet air is still brisk in the morning.

rock climbing in Big Cottonwood canyon, Utah
We’re able to spend the time in the mountains and feel the warmth of the sun.

Blossoming trees.

The first camping trip… that’s a lot colder than you thought it would be.

Camping in the backyard with klymit gear in salt lake city, utah
This year, our first time setting up the camp site was in our backyard.

Sitting outside and not sweating profusely.

Having dinner on the porch and watching the sunset.

sitting in the park, ogden utah
Hot dogs or legs? Spring gets us closer to out legs looking like cooked hot dogs… and also eating (vegan) hot dogs on warm nights.

Evening bike rides.

Starting the garden.

Mowing the lawn for the first time.

My birthday and Nic’s birthday.

birthday vegan bloody marys
Nothing was better than wearing my goofy ski gear and drinking my plant-based bloody Mary on my birthday.

Mother’s Day (technically Mother’s Day is everyday).

Starting to eat warm weather foods like abundant salads and corn on the cob.

May the Fourth be with you.

Iced tea and lemonade.

Colorful dandelions scattered on the lawn for the bees.

Walking to the store in Chacos, shorts and a tank.

salt lake flats in the spring, utah
Salt Flats in the spring mean sunny skies one moment then some slight showers after dark.

And this is just a small list of things that make spring the best season ever.


Did I miss anything?


Your nacforadventurer and full-time spring lover,




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