WHy I went vegan

Vegan-niversary and Why I Went Vegan

To be totally honest, I can’t quite remember the exact day that I took the plunge to be full-on vegan. I do know that the last meat I ate was a salmon steak on May 27th, 2018(thanks to Instagram archives), and after a year of eating lots of eggs and cheese, I woke up a day in April 2019 and decided to be fully plant- based.

My last non vegetarian meal: Salmon steak with avocado salad
The last salmon….. I honestly wouldn’t remember this except for thanks to Instagram memories, I can track when my last meat meal was.

And the reason was that I had a dream about eating raw eggs.

Like a full egg and I just popped it in my mouth.

With the shell and everything.

I know it’s gross and crunchy and yeah. And that’s why I decided to stop eating eggs.

And I thought…. if I am quitting eggs, then why not just quit cheese as well and just go  vegan.

And so that’s why I’ve been vegan for a year. I ate raw eggs in my dream.

WHy I went vegan
I have a dream to be vegan one day…. and it started with a very non-vegan dream.

It’s a lot harder to track when this was because I was already eating and posting a lot of yummy vegan recipes thanks to friends and my brother’s influence. 

It’s become a lot more than just finding eggs unappetizing. I have noticed that it’s become more about being a conscious consumer. Both buying consumer and eating consumer. Following a vegan lifestyle has helped me think about what I’m grabbing in the grocery store and what I am putting into my body.

First off, I have thought about the sustainability of the foods that I consume. I not only started buying more mushrooms instead of chicken, but I started buying bulk carrots instead of packaged baby carrots. And I take them home in reusable bags. Instead of going immediately for processed substitute soy burger patties, I opt for a bulk portabello mushroom or choose to make my own from black beans and quinoa. 

Vegan Mushroom Burger with sweet potato fries and vegan caesar salads
Not really missing anything from going vegan…. check the Hawaiian style mushroom burger with sweet potato fries and vegan Caesar Salad.

Anywhere that I can buy local or buy fresh or buy package-less veggies, I go for that over frozen. I choose glass and aluminum packaged items over plastic-covered. 

Buy it’s not just veggies. Dry foods like beans and rice and popcorn and noodles are still prominent in my diet, so I choose to buy bulk. I plan my grocery trips to reduce as much waste as I can. I’ve switched my thinking from omni to vegan, but also from mindless consumer to conscious consumer. 

In addition to a mindset shift about how I shop,  I have also started eating more whole foods, and I have incorporated more veggies, fruits, and unprocessed proteins into my diet. I’m not saying I didn’t eat veggies before, but I started centering my meals around vegetables rather than meat. 

I feel like I have more control over what I put in my body. Mostly because I have cut out dairy and eggs and gelatin, so that limits a large majority of “junk” items that I could eat. But I still limit my vegan sweets and snacks, by focusing on veggies and fruits (and popcorn), and eating nutritious meals instead of looking towards snacks. 

camping in southern utah
Being vegan has been healthier for me, but also has shifted my point of view on being a conscious consumer.

So it’s a lot more than just cutting out animal products. It’s creating a healthy lifestyle for both me and the planet. 

Your full-time plant eater for a year, 




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