Expectations vs. Realities of Buying Bulk

Buying bulk has been my new favorite way to be environmentally conscious. It helps reduce both waste and costs of modern day shopping. But here’s my insights on some of the common misconceptions about starting and continuing to buy bulk.

Expectation: It’s a Pinterest board

Reality: Mismatched jars galore


You don’t need to go out and buy a bunch of perfect mason jars in order to start buying in bulk. It can be a slow accumulation of random jars.

Some of my favorite include: Vegenaise jars, pickle jars, and salsa jars

Going out and buying a bunch of new jars defeats the purpose of the eco-friendliness of buying bulk. As Lexi Kunze beautifully said: It’s not pretty but it helps keep the earth pretty.

Expectation: It’s only for certain people

Reality: That person is you


The same thing about couponing. You normally see a middle-aged mom cutting those coupons, but you shouldn’t have a stereotype in your head about bulk-buyers. It’s only scary because it’s unknown. I never hesitate to ask questions or research on the internet.

I feel like this weird old hermit lady that keeps my bread bags to get bulk rice, but at the same time, I try to own it. I keep reminding myself that I am making an effort to reduce my grocery waste.

Expectation: You can shop at the drop of the hat

Reality: Planning is key

One of the main things when being a conscious consumer is having a strategy before walking into the store. And this is more important when shopping in the bulk aisle.

If you go shopping unprepared, you will usually resort to using the single-use plastic bags that we should be avoiding.

It also might lead to just buying a bunch of dark-chocolate-covered-almonds and other random snacks instead of lentils.

Plan out meals in order to get exactly what you need, but also be prepared about how to carry all your new items home.

Expectation: Only certain items are bulkable

Reality: There’s alot more than you think


Oatmeal, nuts, rice. When you think of bulk, it usually is just an endless amount of dry goods that are all bland in flavor and color. Yeah, this stuff is so useful when it comes to just having your cupboard stocked, but don’t forget about the unsung heroes of the bulk section.

Peanut Butter

Olive Oil



And my personal favorite: popcorn

Familiarize yourself with your favorite stores’s bulk aisle. Spend some time in there and figure out the most useful items for you.

Expectation: You save money and the earth

Reality: You save money and the earth

It speaks for yourself. Shop this way to help the earth by being a conscious grocery consumer.


What efforts have you made to reduce your plastic waste?


Your part-time plant eater,





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