Using Wildhorn day pack in Monument Valley

What To Bring On A Spring Car Camping Weekend Trip

Spring is that time of year where you want to start the summer activities, yet still want to savor the last bits of winter ones. But it’s not too bad of a life if you have to choose between shredding the slush and camping under the stars.

While spring fever is about to hit hard, we have to remember that spring camping – especially in Utah- still calls for low night temps, so we need to be prepared.

While it’s important to know what you need in general, it’s also important to recognize what kind of camping you are going to be doing in order to determine how you need to pack. Car camping is great because it allows you to bring just a little more than your average backpacking trip, but we also still need to be conscious of space when going with a group of people in a single car.

It’s also vital to figure out the length of your camping trip. If you are only going one two nights, then one pair of long pants might work, but if you’re extending it to three or four, you might want to add another pair.

To be totally honest, I under pack apparel so my clothes will be completely dirty after a trip. Generally, the only things I will over pack are food and water.

So once we figured out that we were car camping for a long weekend in Southern Utah for a Klymit company retreat, I was in charge of compiling a comprehensive list for my coworkers. While the company is stock full of camping extraordinaires , it’s still nice to reference complete list in your back pocket… and because we know that even when you think you remembered everything, sometimes you don’t (may or may not have left all of these items at home before).


*Please note that this list focuses on general items, rather than specific brands or products, but if you would like specific suggestions, please feel free to check out some picks here or contact me. *

backpacking trip to southern utah
Don’t be fooled… I was wearing shorts and tank tops during the afternoons on this March camping trip, but I still had to wear layers and a beanie in the morning.

Apparel and Footwear 

Short-sleeved top : 1 for each day 

Long-sleeved top: 1 

Mid-layer: 1

Jacket: 1 

Long pants: 2

Shorts: 1 for each day

Sleep outfit: 1

Underwear : 1 pair for each day

Socks: 1 pair for each day + 1 extra 

Brimmed hat 


Hiking shoes/boots 







Soap bar 

Toilet paper

Sunscreen – face and body

Bug Repellent 



Hair Ties





Cell phone charging cord and car adapter

water for hiking in southern utah
Water is such an important item on your packing list. Not only are you drinking it, but it also aids in making food and cleaning.


2 liters per day per person 

Or water filter, if going somewhere with known water sources







Klymit sleeping pads in Capitol Reef National Park
Working for Klymit, I obviously have to plug these pads… lightweight enough for a backpacking trip, but also great for reducing car camping gear volume.

Camping Gear

Sleeping pad 

Sleeping bag 




Gear Bag 

Day pack 

Hydration bladder/ reusable water bottle

Using Wildhorn day pack in Monument Valley
Day packs are a must when planning a camping trip! This Wildhorn Outfitters one is great because it packs up really small and has a lot of great pockets!

Kitchen Items

Paper towels 

Fire kindling



Garbage bags

Reusable plate 

Reusable bowl 

Reusable utensils 

Cooking stove 


Camping table

Small camp chair

hiking in Arches National Park
Camp chairs are sometimes overlooked when quickly packing for a weekend trip, but they make a huge difference. I love smaller ones like my Crazy Creek ground chair and my Wildhorn packable camp chair.


Swim suit 


Sandals/Slip-on shoes

Baby wipes

Camera + SD Card

Microfiber towel

Playing cards

Fire wood

Roasting sticks

Wallet/ ID 



Did I forget anything you like to bring? Let me know!


Your nacforadventurer and (sorta) pro-packer,



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