Differences Between One-Night and Multi-Night Overnight Backpacking

Have you read our blogpost: So It’s Your First Time Overnight Backpacking? Well, I just experienced my first multi-day overnight backpacking trip this weekend (? it was like Wednesday to Saturday) And it was COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from our Oregon overnight backpacking trip.

This time was the real deal.



We hiked about 2 miles(????) into a canyon to make a basecamp in the Utah desert.

Let’s take a look at the differences in a one-night backpacking trip and a multi-night one:


Water Situation

One of the most notable differences. Water is HEAVY. It’s hard to bring all the water you need for multiple days (because that’s alot….atleast in the Southern Utah Desert).

Items invested: water filter


Food Prep

The next essential item when you’re burning calories out in the wilderness. Your best bet is dehydrated food because easy to make AND carry

Items invested: dehydrated foods…. especially Backpacker’s Pantry because super yummy and plant-based options

DIY Camp Kitchen

Can you tell I pay attention to the food? Don’t forget any of the things that help you make those delicious meals.

Items invested: lighter, Jet Boil, fuel canisters


Sleep Tight

Probably one of the best forced (because my only other tent is a huge 4 person one) decisions I have ever made was to go tent-less. Not only do you have the chance to truly sleep beneath the stars (first time I had ever done this!!!), but you also have less stuff in your backpack. Highly suggested in areas that have little nocturnal wildlife.

Items invested: negative one tent


Lots of Layers

Because you are outside during both the day and night, it’s best to have many different clothing items to fit every situation. And ONLY BRING ONE OF EACH THING BESIDES UNDERLAYERS AND SOCKS. Anything more that that adds up to the weight on your back. Yes, it might be smelly, but Mother Nature doesn’t mind.

Items invested: puffy, quarter zip, socks (2 per day), Prana pants, beanie


Sit Back and Relax

My favorite thing to bring on any hike or outdoor experience is my chair. it’s easily portable, plus simple to put together, and it helps me keep me off the ground. Not to mention you’re walking around all day, it’s nice to be able to lean back and relax.

Items invested: Crazy Creek Chair

Don’t Run On Empty

Yes, some people want to get away from phones when they head out to the wilderness, but they are extremely helpful in more ways that just instagramming and reading NACFORADVENTURE. Pictures, maps, music…..

Items invested:  (GOOD!!!) battery banks, bonus points for solar powered



Capture Moments

My favorite thing is pictures. If you ask Nic, I absolutely love all and any pictures. While it was great to take some moments to only have myself and the sounds of nature, it’s also great to have little moments in time that I can look back on in the future.

Items invested: GoPro, mom camera, phone

Sweet Like Honey

New. Favorite. Camping. Drink. Honey Whiskey. Easy to drink. Rewarding after a long day. And easier to carry than a bottle of wine


What essentials do you need on your camping trip?


Til the next adventure



Shoutout to the awesome people that let me tag along on their Spring Break trip: My brother, his girlfriend,  and all the fun new friends I’ve made from a fun overnight trip to the Utah desert. Didn’t think I would have a spring break after graduation, but here I am ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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