Things You Should For Sure Forget On A Camping Trip

Yes, I had the whole day to prepare for a weekend camping trip. And yes, I spent most of the day watching Netflix (not gonna lie, it was Glee). But the time I did spend prepping for our small trip, I definitely thought about the specific things that I should not bring*:

*from previous experience


Connect with your inner cavemen and really get into the wild by finding your own flint and steel, or better yet, try rubbing two sticks together.


SD Card

Because bringing your camera is just enough. Why get actual pictures when you can just appear like you’re getting the shots.


The less the TP, the more the fun. Leaves exist for a reason. Extra points if you are overnight backpacking. IMG_3621.jpeg

Bug repellent

Bug bites are the best souvenir. It really shows people that you’re tough enough to brave the outdoors.

Screen Shot 2019-04-08 at 3.31.30 PM.png

Swimsuit bottoms

Okay as long as you remember the top, that’s all that matters. It’s the part that’s under water anyways, so underwear will totally be fine.


Your ID

Actually, just  forget that whole wallet. No need to have debit and credit cards in the wild.


Just brush with you fingers because heaven knows your teeth need a mix of toothpaste and dirt rubbed onto your teeth.

Garbage bag

Okay, sarcasm aside, this is for sure something you can do without. There’s plenty of ways to throw away trash. Get creative and use the inside of freeze-dried food bag or something that you already have instead of buying garbage bags just for camping.


Things that you should remember:

A screw-cap wine bottle

Only when you think that you don’t have a proper way to open a corked bottle is exactly when you should get a screw top wine bottle. Except when you find a corkscrew in your camping dish bag.


Lesson learned: make a checklist for camping trips, but realize that all you need to remember is water, food, yourself and a good attitude. Because even if you forget these things on the list above, camping – and just being outdoors in general-  is a good time no matter what.


Til the next adventure,


** definitely had to add this after publishing because I almost always forget this stuff :/


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