Twice-Baked Avo Potatoes

Being from Idaho, people assume that I live, love and breathe potatoes. And they would be absolutely right. We love that they are so versatile, and it also helps that Nic’s dad works for a potato company…. so lots of potatoes. Usually I am a russet gal because hashbrowns, but we ventured to the red potatoes for this recipe.

Prep time: 15 minutes

Cook Time: 30 minutes

Total time: 45 minutes


Red potatoes or any other ones…. I don’t discriminate

Non-dairy milk



Non-dairy butter



Your choice of spices



Set oven at 350

Put potatoes in oven (as much as you want, but realize that you’re gonna cut them in half and they are going to double)


Gather other ingredients, also feel free to add any other things, such as quinoa, or beefless-crumbles for that extra plant protein… I was just lazy and forgot to cook quinoa.




Mix other ingredients while preparing for the potatoes to get done


Once potatoes are soft, scrape out potatoes into little bowls, while saving insides of potatoes


Mix potatoes with other ingredients until creamy. I used a potato masher (one of my key kitchen items) and a whisk.

Scoop mix into the potato bowls.


Put the potato bowls back into the oven to crisp up

Place on bowl and enjoy with a Vegan Caesar or other vegan dip, and a KYLA Kombucha


Things I learned:

I need a mixer

Potatoes take a long time to bake

Red potatoes are a lot smaller than you think

That even not-perfect potatoes are yummy (jk already knew that)


Your Part-Time Plant Eater,



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