Weekend Warrior Newbie Tips

Alright. We’ve finally got here. Nic and I are both on the true Weekend Warrior schedule. And not gonna lie, it feels like the life for us. Since my sophomore year of college, we haven’t had the same work schedule because of my work schedules. That’s right. I haven’t had the Saturday/ Sunday combo off for around 4 years.

And we’re here. We both have amazing jobs in the outdoor industry, but we also have the same work schedule which means we can both work hard AND play hard together. Check out the tips to help keep your weekend warrior status strong.

Prep the Gear.

Weekend warrioring means a lot of leaving once you get home on Friday night. Making sure that your gear is clean, dry, and prepped on Thursday night means getting to your destination quicker and more efficiently.

Have a Place in Your Back Pocket

If you need an escape, but can’t find an exciting new place to go to in a hurry? Make sure you have a staple vacay spot. This way you can explore without the pressure of planning around something new. Ours is Moab for sure.

Switch off Weekends

Adulting means you might have to spend the day doing chores, errands, or yard work. But that doesn’t mean you still can’t play. Make Saturday your work day, then reward yourself with a a smaller adventure on Sunday. It will feel good to do a bit every other weekend instead of doing all your housework for the season in one day.

Clean Up ASAP

Get home and unpack immediately. Make sure that things are airing out and that laundry is getting started because 1) it’ll be ready for the next time, and 2) you won’t have to deal with moldy tents or sweaty hiking socks in a week.

Photo by: Marcus Catlett

Bring the Buds

Nic and I have traveled a lot together just as a couple. And we have a lot of fun, but it’s also fun to get together a group to get more personalities joining and more ideas flowing. Sometimes the right people can make a simple getaway so much better.

Obviously, just make sure to have some fun and enjoy the lifestyle that allows you to have a work life balance. And hope that you have a good job with awesome PTO and more adult benefits of the sort!

Happy Weekending!

What’s your favorite weekend destination?

Your nacforadventurer,



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