mountain bike video behind the scenes with Wildhorn Outfitters

YouTube Video: Mountain Biking BTS With Wildhorn Outfitters

A couple weeks ago, Marcus Catlett and Ian Saunders at Wildhorn Outfitters approached some of the ambassadors with an idea to showcase Wildhorn’s new mountain bike helmet and glasses.

This week, I take you on a little behind the scenes vlog as we shuttled a trail through lush green forests and open meadows. I introduce some of the other creators and riders on this project, as well as show some of the unique ways we’re getting the shot.

Huge shoutout to Wildhorn Outfitters for bringing me along, as well as supporting me both on snow and on dirt. If you are in the market for a new helmet or glasses, make sure to head to their website and use code AJ10-AP for a little discount.

I can’t wait to share the results, so stay tuned and enjoy a little BTS of this long, but fun shoot!

Your nacforadventurer and gal with a cool helmet and glasses,



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