Merino woold staples for every adventure with Rewoolution

Merino Wool Staples For Every Adventure With Rewoolution

When I was a kid, I remember packing for my annual elementary trip to Teton Science School. And the recommended packing list included wool layers and socks. And ever since then, I’ve seen wool as a top tier fabric for staying warm while hiking, skiing, snowshoeing, and pretty much any other outdoor activity.

However, I remember wool being stiff and itchy. While it kept me warm, it was definitely a little uncomfortable before my skin got used to the feel.

And that’s where merino wool comes in.

Merino wool is a thinner and softer natural fabric, so it’s easier and more comfortable to wear next-to-skin, especially in base layers, socks, and hats. In addition, merino wool helps regulate body temperature, wicks sweat from the body, and offers a lightweight natural alternative.

When I think of wool gear, I mostly envision winter sports. Skiing. Snowshoeing. Snowboarding. Ski Touring. But with the body temp regulation and sweat wicking properties of merino wool, I’m slowly realizing that it can be a great versatile layering option all year round.

So let’s take a peek into closet with the merino wool staples of a couple year-round adventurers:

merino wool staples for skiing with Rewoolution
AJ wearing the Cocoon Long Sleeve, Cover Leggings, Ski Mid Ski Socks, and Merino Wool Light Hat Beanie from Rewoolution

Base Layers


Furud Long Sleeve


Long sleeves are great for everything from ski base layers to spring hiking attire.

Trick T Shirt

T shirts are a classic pick for day hiking, summer night sleeping, and even your everyday casual errand running.

Top Tank Top

Tank tops are my choice of the summer. Everything from hiking and biking to climbing and backpacking.


Alamak Cropped Leggings

Cropped leggings are perfect for skiing, so your leggings don’t bunch in your ski sock and ski boot. However, they are also good for climbing or hiking.

Hella Shorts

Bike-style shorts are my new favorite closet item. Not only can I use them on warmer spring ski days, I can also use in conjunction with bike pad for biking or wear them while hiking or hanging at the campsite.

Cover Leggings

Full-length leggings are best for keeping warm while skiing, hiking, and camping.


Trek Hiking Socks

Ski Mid Ski Socks

Run Quarter Trail Running Socks

Merino wool socks are a must for me. Keeping my feet dry, odorless, and comfortable is the key during all outdoor activities. It’s good to have a variety of merino wool socks for hiking, trail running, and skiing.

Merino Light Hat Beanie

Light merino wool hats are absolutely perfect for wearing underneath your ski helmet, as well as a lightweight option for early morning campfire hangs and chillier hikes.

For 10% off any Rewoolution product, use code AJREW at checkout. Check out their website here.

Your nacforadventurer and merino wool adventurer,



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