internal monologue of a skier girl sending something new

Internal Monologue of A Skier Girl Sending Something New

As much as I would like to say that when I do want to send something… I just do it. But that’s not the case. It’s usually starts with me being scared shitless, and then…. well, I will just let the rest speak for itself:

girl skiing at Brighton utah

I really wanna do it.

Like really bad.

Nic did it, and so can I.

Wait. I’m worried about speed.

What if I don’t send it hard enough and hurt myself. Or what if I send it too much and land in the flat? I really don’t want a season ending injury. That would suck.

But I still really want to do it.

Should I do it or am I crazy?

Wait a second… I am completely capable of this. I have practiced speed. I have practiced being in the air. I have practiced how to land.

I can do this.

I’m so scared.

Is this my body telling me that this is a completely insane thing to do?

Like I am literally tingling thinking about sending this.

Okay I am gonna do it.

I can do this.

Pole tap pole tap pole tap.

That was to hype myself up.

I was supposed to go immediately after those pole taps.

Okay just go.

God I’m so scared.

Just point it and go.

Just point it and go.

You got this AJ.

Let’s do this!



Okay that was so much fun.

I’m ready to do it again but bigger.

skiing at Powder Mountain, UT
photo: Ben Moisen

Your nacforadventurer and lady shredder,



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