what i love about skiing - what to love about skiing

What I Love About Skiing

I do not think I can put all the reasons I love skiing in one post, but here it goes.

The Community

Skiing is something I mostly like to do with friends and family. It’s a commonality between many people around me, whether it’s physically around me or on social media. And these are the people I want to surround myself with.

They are out pushing themselves. They are out having fun. They are doing the exact same thing I am doing, so it makes me happy to join forces and do it all together.

And the people that I have surrounded myself with is the community I will praise.

Some of the ski culture cultivated now on social media and beyond has been linked to gatekeeping, which can be toxic.

I try my best to counteract this type of action to promote inclusivity and acceptance. While I am not perfect when it comes to this, it’s something I can promote on my socials and IRL.

skiing at deer valley utah resort preseason

The Environment

I don’t think I would be skiing or snowboarding or sliding on snow in general if I didn’t have an appreciation for winter.

The cold winter weather and environment is something I look forward to every year, and I genuinely love the cold temps and the sparkling snow that (usually) comes with it.

I know that winter weather can sometimes be unforgiving, but if you practice safety, it’s something that is incredibly beautiful and absolutely unmatched.

Plus I love the feeling at the end of the day that makes me want to eat soup and drink tea and cuddle up with warm blankets for the rest of the night.

ski style at alta, utah

The Style

Being the person that I am, I love clothes. I have always loved dressing up. And dressing down. I love that fashion and style correlates with who we are. And it’s an outlet to express ourselves.

And that style can translate to skiing just as much as any street style or every day clothing.

Ski style is constantly changing and progressing, and new technologies offer some functionality to the fashion, but it’s all so interesting to me.

I love seeing how people present themselves on the hill, and I also love figuring out how to present myself on the hill.

I recognize that expensive and new gear may not be accessible to all people, and this could be read as gatekeeping or elitist. However, I constantly preach the word of secondhand, which offers the fashion and functionality of good brands at a better price.

Most often, my ski style comes mostly from secondhand or gifts.

The Progression

I have thought about this a lot, and this has been the fuel to my metaphorical ski fire.

After realizing my potential to progress quickly , trying new things has become my main motivation on the hill.

I am constantly chasing things that absolutely terrify me. I get the support and training I need to execute the new thing. And then I attempt the new thing. And that initial feeling I get from trying something for the first time is what makes me want to try it over and over again until I get it right. And once I have something down, I start the cycle over again.

That adrenaline from progression. That is what I want. That is what is making me a better skier. And that’s what is consistently getting me back out on the hill again.

Let’s hear your favorite thing about your hobby?

Your nacforadventurer and adrenaline chaser,



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