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Some Things I’ve Learned In 2020


2020 was a wild ride.

Luckily, I’ve been able to still live a healthy full life, but with a couple small changes (masks, minimal traveling, WFH life, etc.)

So let’s take a look at some big and small things I’ve learned this year:

How to effectively work from home

How to make naan bread

How to make a dress from thrifted bed sheets

biking at Park City, utah
photo: Marcus Catlett

How to successfully do a drop on a mountain bike

How to ZOOM

cleaning a climbing route, maple canyon, utah

How to clean a climbing route

How to use Tik Tok (jk, still have no idea what this algorithm is looking for…)’

ruth lake climbing backpacking trip
photo: Marcus Catlett

How to explore nature closer to home

How to change my car’s headlight light bulb

How to love a little cat named Momo

klymit camping pads in idaho

How to work for what I want

How to fit my large mountain bike in my Honda Accord

flame princess costumer/cosplay for halloween

How to put together 30 different costumes in my closet

How to get Nic to take more pictures of me (all I had to do was buy a nice camera).

photo: Nic Carnazzo

How to cut my own ski skins

How to safely ski tour

How to make BBQ sauce

roller skating at fairmont park, salt lake city, utah

How to drop a ramp on roller skates

How to tele ski (sorta… way more to come).

brighton resort, utah rail jam 2020

How to throw a 720 on skis

How to adapt to the situation while still living my best life.

There was a lot more that I learned, but it’s good to look back and reflect on some of the positive things of the year.

Here’s to a wilder ride next year,

What are some of the little things you’ve learned?

Your nacforadventurer and full time plant eater,



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