nacforadventure's most asked questions on social media- TIk Tok and INstagram

My Most Asked Questions On Social Media

After starting a TikTok earlier this year, my social media has definitely grown. Tik Tok, Instagram, and even this blog have received so much amazing support, and I couldn’t be more grateful.

And more people coming to my profile means that I get asked a lot of questions.

Both TikTok and Instagram allow me to comment and answer those questions, and Tik Tok even allows me to create video replies (one of my absolute favorite features), but I wanted to showcase all the questions I get most often all in one place.

And yes, I know. I sound very influencer-y with that “I know y’all have been asking”, and as much as I hate giving in to that phrase, I genuinely want to share my knowledge and the answers to those frequently asked questions.

wildhorn outfitters drift helmet and pipeline goggles
Photo: Nic Carnazzo

Where are your helmet and googles from?

Helmet: Wildhorn Outfiiters Drift Helmet

Goggles: Wildhorn Outfitters Pipeline Goggles

I’ve had the Drift Helmet for a couple seasons now, and it’s the best helmet! I’m able to put my goggles under my helmet. Or over my helmet. Depending how I feel that day. It’s also super light and durable.

The new Pipeline Goggles have been an awesome upgrade from the older styles of Wildhorn Goggles, and the magnetic lens makes it super easy to switch out lens.

Photo: Nic Carnazzo

Where do you ski?

I currently have the Brighton/Ikon Pass, which is great since I live in Salt Lake City. It allows me to try out different resorts near me like Solitude, Alta, Snowbird and Deer Valley. I also have the opportunity to use passes at resorts in other states like Colorado and Montana.

Last year, I put together a backcountry set up, so I like to explore and tour in the Cottonwood Canyons and the Park City area if I am not heading up to a resort.

However, I’m going to mostly be shredding at Brighton this year!

Photo: Nic Carnazzo

Why don’t you get braces?

Yes, I get this comment quite a bit… I just never thought about it to be frank.

A couple years ago, my dentist brought it up, but my teeth are fairly straight… they just have gaps, and I currently have no reason to get braces except cosmetic reasons, and it’s not a huge insecurity for me. I honestly don’t get the pressure to have perfect teeth, and I’m quite happy with them.

They make me unique, and show others that body imperfections such as teeth don’t define who you are.

They let me chomp on all the yummy plant-based foods. And they haven’t been knocked out skiing or biking quite yet…

Maybe I’ll think about invisiliners in the future, but then I couldn’t spit water through my gaps… or have a very unique bite pattern.

secondhand skis and gear in utah
Photo: Nic Carnazzo

Where do you buy secondhand gear?

Locally in Salt Lake City, I love shopping at Lone Pine Gear Exchange, Level 9 Sports, and The Gear Room. Some items I have purchased include my backcountry skis and boots, my tele set up, multiple base layers/ mid layers, pants, and retro jackets.

Online, I have purchased a lot of items through REI Used Gear, Poshmark, and Facebook Marketplace. I got my Pink Dakine Jacket, as well as many soft goods from these places. Additionally, I got my touring bindings and our camera on Facebook Marketplace.

As for stores not in my area, Headwall Sports in Jackson Hole, Wyoming is one of my all-time favorite outdoor thrift stores. Most notably, I found my uninsulated touring pants here, as well as many mid layers.

To patch up old gear, I also use NOSO patches to elongate the life the items and stop me from buying completely new. I got a $6 North Face puffy at Savers, and it was a little beat up, but I was able to use NOSO patches to keep it together. And now it’s one of my most-used mid layers. Whether touring, resort skiing, or even just errands around town.

dropping cliffs at powder mountain
Photo: Ben Moisen

Are you really good at skiing or are you just doing it for the Instagram?

Why not both? More here.

What camera do you have?

For the longest time, iPhone photos and GoPro videos were what fueled my Instagram. However, this summer, I got a Sony A7S with a 50mm lens on Facebook Marketplace.

Nic has since purchased a 24 – 70 mm, which is what we use to take most of our photos.

It’s been one of the best investments for our lifestyle!

What music do you listen to while skiing?

I don’t listen to music very often, so I can be engaged in conversations on the lift and on the hill. However, if I am skiing alone, the only playlist I ever really listen to is:

Deadpool Sountrack

And also….

Deadpool 2 Sountrack

They just has the best variety of oldies, slow inspirational songs, rap, and just all around bangers.

Photo: Nic Carnazzo

Why aren’t you wearing a helmet while touring?

I always bring my helmet touring, however, I choose not to wear it on the way up because I can get overheated. I opt to wear a beanie or a hat with sunglasses instead.

I recognize the risks of avalanches or other trauma, but I have moved towards always bringing it for the ride down.

Photo: Nic Carnazzo

What brand are your ski touring pants?

I have the Arcteryx Shashka bibs for my touring pants.

I know that Arcteryx is not a budget -friendly brand, but I purchased them secondhand, and while they were still pricey, it was well worth it.

They are uninsulated, and such good quality. Plus, they have great pockets for goodies, and even better vents for the warmer days.

Let me know if you ever have questions, and I will be more than happy to share my most honest answer.

Your nacforadventurer and question answerer,



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