What Do I Look For When Choosing Ski/Snowboard Gear – Jackets

Recently I posted a video on Tik Tok of me getting my head ready to go skiing.

And for some reason, people really liked it.

It has 1 million views and counting, and as much as I feel weird saying “y’all have been asking” like every other influencer out there, people have been genuinely been asking about all the different gear that I wear on the mountain.

While I have been making small 1 minute videos showcasing certain gear pieces, I wanted to have written blog posts that go in depth into what is inside my ski apparel closet, as well as factors that I look for when choosing my gear.

So, this is the first of a ski equipment series, and I am really happy to start thinking about winter.

For part one, I thought I would start with the biggest piece of outerwear that is most noticeable while on the hill: the jackets.

When looking for coats, I try to keep the following things in mind:

saga outerwear Empress 3L jacket in grenadine


Insulated jackets are great for every day skiing, because you don’t have to worry about having a lot of layers. All you need usually is just a base layer and the insulated jacket. However, if you are ski touring, or if you ski in warmer weather, non insulated shells are great because you can control what type of insulation (or lack thereof) you need to dawn.

Zippered Pockets

While skiing in resort, I usually will not wear a backpack, but that’s where zippered pockets come in. It’s nice to keep your phone, your wallet (in case of apres!), and maybe a protein bar or two on you while out on the slopes.

dakine pollox pullover jacket - burgundy and black
photo credit: Ben Moisen

Full Zippered Or Pullovers

Full zippered jackets have become the norm due to easy access, but pullovers have become more and more popular for lighter ski jackets. Pullovers pair better with snow pants, while you may want a full zip jacket if you have bibs or overalls.

Water Resistance

When heading out on snow, having a jacket that has some sort of water resistance is ideal. If the it wears off, there is also tech wash which can revamp the waterproofing.

Used Vs. New

I always mention my opinions towards buying used products. But to reiterate, secondhand is the first direction I turn towards when I want “new to me” gear. Not only does this cut down the cost of this expensive sport, it also is a little bit more of a sustainable choice.


Just like other everyday clothing, ski outerwear is an expression of who you are. Jackets are a huge signifier when you are on the hill, so it’s nice to have something that makes you feel like yourself. Look good, ski good, amiright?

Now that you know why I choose gear, head to A Look Into My Winter Gear Closet – Jackets for more information on the jackets that I wear while riding.

Your nacforadventurer and used ski gear lover,



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