A Look Into My Winter Gear Closet – Jackets

Recently I posted a video on Tik Tok of me getting my head ready to go skiing.

And for some reason, people really liked it.

It has 1 million views and counting, and as much as I feel weird saying “y’all have been asking” like every other influencer out there, people have been genuinely been asking about all the different gear that I wear on the mountain.

While I have been making small 1 minute videos showcasing certain gear pieces, I wanted to have written blog posts that go in depth into what is inside my ski apparel closet, as well as factors that I look for when choosing my gear.

I am fortunate enough to have stockpiled multiples pieces throughout the years, but I try my hardest to look secondhand before buying new. This helps bring down the cost, as well as offers a new life to a piece of equipment that might have been otherwise been thrown into the landfill.

Here is a look into the jackets that I currently have in my closet:

  • Dakine Brentwood II pink jacket in dusty rose

Dakine Brentwood II

This is my main jacket. It’s super warm, and it’s my favorite color. There are plenty of zipper pockets, on the inside, outside, and on the arm (perfect for my pass). The powder skirt is helpful for deep days, and I love the extended length on the body. Because it was bought used, I had little choice over the available sizes. While the large is a little big on me, it works for skiing.

Purchased from: Rei Used Gear Online Site

Size: Large

My favorite features: insulated, warm inner pocket for phone, pink color

Saga Empress 3L

This is my newest jacket. And it’s brand new, and it needs to get roughed up a little bit. It’s non-insulated, so it’s great for warmer days or for days when I am hiking or ski touring. There are wide open vents in case I want some more air flow. The length is great for the medium size, and I think that this model fits me the best out of all the jackets that I own.

Purchased from: From Saga Outerwear as a prize package

Size: Medium

My favorite features: great proportions for the size, study fabric, uninsulated for touring

  • dakine pollox pullover jacket - burgundy and black

Dakine Pollox Softshell Pullover

I got this jacket a couple years ago, and it’s been a great warm weather jacket. I wish I would have gotten a slight larger size, as the length of the jacket isn’t quite what I want while skiing. The pullover goes great when I have snow pants (rather than bibs… that’s quite difficult to got to the bathroom). I can’t complain though, because I got a great deal during a summer sale.

Purchased from: Backcountry

Size: Medium

My favorite feature: price, color

Oakley Pro Rider Series Jacket

I love ski gear because it lasts. Most of the new gear purchases have been purely cosmetic, rather than a need. This jacket in particular is in great condition (minus a broke sleeve strap because I got too ambitious velcroing it). This is very similar to my Dakine Brentwood jacket, where it’s insulated, and has a great powder skirt for snowy days. The length is similar as well because of its size, but it also means that it’s heavy, and very warm.

Purchased from: local ski shop

Size: Large

My favorite features: durability, insulation, warmth

Jackets are great, but remember that you don’t need anything super fancy… just something to keep you warm while you’re out there having fun.

Your nacforadventurer, and gal that’s ready to go skiing,



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