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How To Work 9-5 And Still Be A Ski Bum

Ski season is here! Brighton in Salt Lake City had their opening day today… and y’all…. I’m excited. It honestly feels too early to be ski season, even though we’ve already have two days under our belt…. But whatever, winter is here to play.

It may just feel different because I have a 9-5 job (well 8-4, which somehow is waaaay better) because all the past seasons I’ve been able to skip school to go shredding for the opening day…. And then there’s last season… Where every day was a ski day because I worked on the hill at a resort. But this year, it’s adult time. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t still be a ski bum, right? Do I have to trade in my shred life for health insurance and my 401K? Nope… I’m not going to let a Monday- Friday office job ruin my ski bum lifestyle. So let’s check out some ways I can make winter fun.

ski pass on skier
That little plastic card is the key to happiness.

Buy a pass

Buying a pass is a must for me. Because I want to be able to go whenever I want (outside of work hours or on my vacation days, of course). The earlier you buy, the better, so just make sure to plan ahead. Which is honestly easier now that I have a solid job and place that I am going to live for a while….

Night Skiing

Night skiing was a junior high staple for me. Friday night ski buses were what I lived for. And I’m excited to bring that back. Except this time, it’s work instead of school all day. Night skiing is a great way to get out after work and get a couple laps in…. usually not the best snow, but it’s the thought that counts.

two friends skiing
People who say no friends on a powder day obviously don’t have friends that drop cliffs, hit powder fields, and honestly, make an epic day even better.

Social Skiing

I’m excited to meet more people! This will be the first time that I am really experiencing a new mountain in a while (Brighton peeps hit me up), so I’m ready to find a bunch of people that will be going on a regular basis (especially nights and weekends). It also helps that the people I live with have flexible schedules to head up whenever.

skier doing a 360 off a cliff
My goal last year was to a 360 off a cliff (and land it). Unfortunately, this time, I didn’t land it, but you wouldn’t be able to tell because of this sweet pic by Ben Moisen.

Set Some Goals

I will always have a mentality that skiing is something fun. So isn’t setting goals creating it into work? Not necessarily. Your goal could be to just have fun. Or to meet up with some friends. But also season long goals will help you think of ways to elevate your ski experience. Whether it’s travel to XYZ places to ski. Or getting a 360 off a cliff (without crashing). Or being more positive to other members of the community. Setting goals helps me go out on the mountain with 100% intention, and it will help you appreciate skiing that much more.

Address FOMO

It’s a little weird to go from skiing every single day one season to only weekends the next season. And as much as I don’t want to care, I’m still going to have FOMO on killer pow days when I’m stuck driving the interstate at 7:15 in the morning. But living in the moment on weekends will help create a sense of gratitude. I am very fortunate to have a car to drive , a job to go to, and a place to ski on the weekends.

klymit camping pad
I work for Klymit, your stop for all things to sleep outside. Working in the outdoor industry makes me actually excited to go into the office.

Work At A Company You Love

Putting it in writing is a lot easier than actually doing it, but I promise it’s worth it. If you love what you are doing or the company that you work with, it won’t create a life of “just living for the weekends”. Don’t just be looking forward to Friday at 5, because then 5/7ths of the winter will be mediocre. And even if your weekends are absolutely epic, you won’t feel fulfilled. So I know it’s easier said than done, but find a company you love, or the industry you like, or even just people that love to work with. To quote Frankenfurter: Don’t dream it. Be it.

skiing in powder
sick days > sick days. Vacation can be a one day thing too.

Take A Sick Day

Okay, it’s called vacation, but like if the day is going to be absolutely sick, don’t be afraid to take a day off here or there. As long as you are a hard worker, and that you can keep up on your work when you are in the office, know that it’s okay to use your vacation… that’s what it’s for!


Lastly, just know that ski bum is a well-known full-time lifestyle, but for those that live in an apartment, commute 30 minutes to their 8-hour shift, and look at Excel spreadsheets all day, it’s also a full-time state of mind.


Your nacforadventurer, full-time 9-5er, and full-time ski bum,






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