Bulk Buying 101 Videos: How I Prepare, Where I Shop, A Little Bulk Shopping Trip, and Comparing Prices

Hey y’all,

I’ve been getting some great responses when I post about buying bulk! Whether it’s people asking questions, sharing their tips, or telling me all about their endless Vegenaise jars, it’s all super awesome! It makes me excited that I’m not alone in this journey.

Bulk shopping can be a little scary if you’re new to it…. but not to worry. I have a two-part vlog that showcases my successes (and slip ups) with buying bulk.  It doesn’t seem like much, but buying bulk can create a conscious consumer mindset, and that’s my goal. I don’t want you to be absolutely zero waste (unless, you can do that, which deserves major props), but I just want to educate people about how to change their mindset to being a conscious consumer in today’s world.

Here are the main points I touch on:

How To Prepare For A Bulk Shopping Trip

Collect containers

  • Bread bags
  • Peanut containers
  • Glass jars

Create a shopping list

bulk grocery shopping
Most of my bulk shopping trips means reusing my bread bags to get the product from the store, then transferring to glass jars once I get home. This way, I do not have to worry about weighing in my containers.

Where I shop


This is where I shop the most, so if I need to get a lot of other groceries, I’ll go here for one or two bulk items. (Plus I live super close, so walking to the grocery store is one of my favorite activities!)


If I have coupons, and need to get a lot of other grocery items and a couple bulk items, I’ll come here. Plus gas rewards!


The bulk capital. I go here for bulk only hauls when I need a lot different items to restock the staples in my cupboard.

Whole Foods

Mostly for peanut butter. They ask for the measurement of your glass jars! The organic choices are great.

Hello Bulk

Local to Salt Lake City, they are focused on low waste, and you must bring your own containers. You can find some unique bulk items here that aren’t available anywhere else.

Bulk Cost Vs. Packaged Goods Cost

Saving the environment isn’t the only plus with buying in bulk. It’s a great way to cut grocery costs…. the second video in the series, Bulk 101: Comparing Bulk vs Packaged Prices (Part 2) shows much I saved when I shopped for a couple different items in bulk rather than buying packaged products. (hint, it’s a pretty good deal).

mismatched bulk jars
Why go out and buy glass jars, when they are right in front of you! Reusing glass jars to store bulk items adds some personality into your cupboard.

Lastly, I want to just make everyone realize that low-waste cupboards aren’t always Pinterest-perfect, and you may just find out that saving mismatched jars, reusing old bagel bags, and supporting local shops can be way more fun!

Your full-time plant eater and part-time bulk buyer,



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