Things You Should Try Solo

One of the most suggested things in travel blogs is to “travel solo”. So while Nic was gone to Costa Rica with our friend (waiting patiently for his Dream Destination post), I spent a lot of time enjoying my alone time back at home. So let’s take a look at some things that I loved doing alone:

Go to dinner

It could be fancy or Chipotle, but it’s nice to just go on a date with yourself

Make Yourself A Fancy Dinner

Okay I promise most of my stuff isn’t about food.


Relax with all the facemasks, baths, and candles

Binge a TV Show

It’s nice to not have someone to wait to watch things with


I loved listening to Chakra aligning meditations and laying in a quiet space

Go to an Amusement Park

If you have one near, it’s so much fun to people watch and hit the single lines.


Okay, I didn’t do this while Nic was gone, but solo laps can be incredibly invigorating as long as you stay safe

Take a Bike Ride

Had alot of free time, so might as well ride a bike to run errands

Shop for Clothes

Sometimes shopping can be social, but also it’s nice to be on your own schedule

Shop for Groceries

I had about a week and a half that Nic was gone, so it was fun to go shop all by myself (and not in a hurry grabbing stuff after work)

Til’ the next adventure,




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