The Time Is Now

What’s that thing that you have been talking about forever? What’s that thought always in the back of your mind? Where do you want to end up in this world??

The thing is you shouldn’t wish to “end up” there. You should be there now.

Let’s take a look at our past 9 months:

We have been talking about moving to Salt Lake City for THE LONGEST TIME. Literally since we have started dating, Nic and I have been talking about the attractive nature (literally and not) of Utah’s capital. And that was like 3 years ago. So when graduation came up, we were like Salt Lake is the best option for us.

But then we thought we were “settling”. And this day and age, no one wants to settle. We were pressured by society to not settle, so instead we made the last-minute decision to move to Hood River, OR. Which, don’t get me wrong, was an absolutely amazing experience. We met rad people, had rad adventures, and had some other rad life experiences, and we hands-down will never regret anything. But we were trying to make other people happy instead of paying attention to what we wanted. IMG_1815.jpeg

Then fast-forward to the end of summer 2018. Salt Lake was calling us, yet again. But so was our home mountain of Grand Targhee resort. This winter was SO FUN. Literally I skied every day but like 4 days, which was a dream. I advanced so much because my job as a ski instructor put me out of my comfort zone, plus I also got to practice skiing every day on my break… I mean what ski bum doesn’t have this stuff in their dreams.


But here we are again, applying for jobs in Salt Lake. Nic got a sick gig, and we have finally pulled the trigger. After four different moves in one year (and what’s seemed like  like lifetimes of experiences), we are finally moving to the Salt Lake area.


So whether you keep telling yourself:

I want to do ________ in the future.

I want to move to _________ in the future.

I want to learn __________ in the future.

I think I should try___________  in the future.




Take control of your life.

Be a little selfish.

It’s your life, and you should make your wishes come true.

But the thing is that you really need to want it. Don’t half-ass things, because it won’t lead you to success. Put your whole heart and soul into life because we’ve only got one, and it should be your adventure.


What move do you want to make right now?

Til the next adventure,



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