14 Kinds of Chairlift Rides

Chairlift rides are unpredictable. Yeah, skiers have a type but at the same time there’s many different people that you could end up on a 5-12 minute ride through the air with. Let’s take a look at some of the conversations that I have gone through:


The Squad Out

You have the perfect amount of people in your group to fit on a quad

The Third Wheel

You’re the single that rides along with some friends. You literally just sit there.

The Third Wheel?

The people that you thought were riding together but they actually just stay silent the whole time


The Awkward Silence

Literally just sitting in silence the entire time, and it feels super awkward

The Bus Ride

Sitting there quietly but it’s actually totally fine

The Meteorologist

Riding up with that person that analyzes every bit of the weather/snow

IMG_6595.JPGThe Instructor’s Delight

Some of my best chair lift rides are the ones where all the kiddos are all talking over themselves. A plus if you get them to tell you jokes

The Birds and the Bees

Riding with small kids as you pass the tree decorated with bras and beads


The Getting ID’d

When someone asks what high school you go to and you’re like 25

The Dead Opener

You talk right until the second pole and then end up not talking the rest of the time until a “have a good day” at the end


The Did We Just Become Best Friends?

Because all good relationships start with the shared interest of pow

The Personal Concert

You’re jammin’ to your music too much to care whether it’s quiet or not

The Apres Powder Run

Where you both know you just had the best run of your life and you want to keep the stoke high


The Who Cares

Because everyone’s just here to have a good time, and we’re ready to start shredding





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