Mexi-Style Vegan Gyros

Our first meal!!

We’re not gonna start with extra words, let’s cut straight to it.

But first, referencing French Women Don’t Get Fat,I just want to say that there are no recipes… just ingredient lists. So take our meal with a grain of salt. Switch out what you don’t like and add any of your favorite spices, veggies, or sauces!

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cook Time: 10 minutes

Put it all together time: 1 minute

Total time: 16 minutes

mexican-style gyros, onion, mushroom, recipes



Red Onion




Pita Bread

Gardien Beefless Crumble

Olive Oil


Lemon Juice

Black Pepper


Garlic Salt

Nutritional Yeast


Mexi-Style Vegan Gyros

red onion recipes, red onion slicingDice mushroom and onion

Heat pan add olive oil

spices, spices for gyros, spices for vegan gyros, spices for mexi-style vgean, yrosAdd mushroom and onion

Season, salt, pepper,salt

Cook until onion starts to brown

gardein beefless crumbles in mexi-style vegan gyrosAdd in beefless ground

Cook for about 3 more minutes

Add cumin, garlic salt, and pepper, cayenne, and a couple splashes of water to add a bit of moisture to the mix

mexi-style vegan gyros in panLet simmer for around 2 min

Turn off heat, mix in 2 tablespoons nutritional yeast




Mix avocado, Vegenaise, lemon juice, and cumin


Finishing Touches:


Spread the sauce on the bread, add your mix, top with spinach or green of your choice and tomatoes, and serve

vegan gyros, plant-based gyros, mushroom gyros, avocado sauce
Mexi Style Vegan Gyros

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