Why Part-Time Plants

Thanks for reaching our first post!

Nic and AJ here from nacforadventure. We realized that a huge part of our lifestyle is cooking. For about 2 years, we have made the conscious decision to eat no red meat. For about 6 months, have been eating significantly less animal products in general. Not only has this made us stray away from the standard American diet, it has helped us be more conscious of our eating habits, as well as helped us branch out and experiment with different foods and recipes.

While we are mostly plant-based at home, we do tend to indulge in food with animal products every-so-often when we eat out.

We are caught in the middle between bringing awareness of the meat and dairy industry and its effect on the environment, while also not wanting to restrict ourselves to a diet.

We always look for vegan options at restaurants and grocery stores, but we also won’t say no to a small gruyere sample.

By cutting out meat, reducing our dairy intake, and sourcing eggs from local farmers, we are aiming to reduce our carbon footprint.  Our goal is to show people that eating plant-based can be a spectrum, rather than a black and white issue.

Let’s talk about being part-time plant based!


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