snowbasin behind the scenes with advice for girls women's ski film

YouTube Video: Advice For Girls Snowy Week BTS

When you’re expecting spring skiing, but in reality, you get a very snowy week, which includes a short interlodge, less than ideal film conditions, and plenty of fresh snow.

However, the vibes were high as we were surrounded by some of the amazing ladies in the ski industry, including our production team: Sara Beam Robbins, Addy Jacobsend, Iz La Motte, Sierra Schlag, and Katie Cooney, as well as athletes like Wynter McBride, Erin Spong, Megan Rielly, Kalen Griffin, Clara Lantz, Val, Cadence Sweetser, Valerie Arcara, and Jen Pizarazzi.

I spent three days with the crew (which one day amounted to FOURTEEN BAD ASS LADIES!), and it was the most incredible experience to look around at any one time and be surrounded by so many women.

Snowbasin offered some amazing terrain and just the right conditions to make it a successful and eventful shoot.

Huge shoutout to Snowbasin’s ski patrol for making the mountain safe despite all the crazy snow, as well as to the Advice For Girls Production team for making this memorable trip happen.

If you are looking to support this film, check out the Kickstarter (and a sneak peak at some of the footage we’ve gotten so far!).

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