YouTube Video: Mexico MTB Photoshoot With Wild Rye

Welcome back to your regularly scheduled content.

After a hefty month of vlogging and posting a YouTube video every day, we return to our classic once a week video. And today’s edition showcases the trip I took at the end of January with Wild Rye.

The gals at Wild Rye invited me to come on a long weekend to Mexico to shoot their new bike collection apparel that just launched.

The small and mightly crew included Ren and Kendall, who work at the small woman-led business out of Sun Valley, Idaho, along with our photo genius Emily Sierra, and the mtb talent, including myself, Aja Gibson, Sarah Smith, and Kaia Jensen. We also had local videographer and drone pilot Mike Brinkman meet us on our ride day, and I was really impressed with our ability to work together, despite never having met in real life before.

What started as a rocky flight nightmare quickly turned into a beautiful trip that I will never forget with some amazing women in the mountain bike industry.

Huge thanks to Wild Rye for letting me tag along and try out some of the new mtb gear, as well as the amazing individuals that made this trip possible.

Head to Wild Rye’s website to check out their new collection, which will have launched just before this video came out.

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