YouTube Video: Ski and Scout Day At Brighton Resort

Guess what??

We’re making a ski movie!

This winter, I am putting a project together (with help from my awesome video, photo, and skier friends of course), and the majority of it will be filmed at my favorite local mountain, Brighton.

Brighton is well known for their epic tree skiing, so, this week, I duck into the evergreens and scout for our first film day.

I enjoy some fresh pockets of snow, some steep tree skiing, and even sneak in some extra park laps.

Join along for this week’s vlog, and get excited for the rest of the behind the scenes as we make this year’s ski film.

Huge shoutout to Arctic Zone and Level 9 for supporting this film, and I stoked to share more as we start piecing it together.

Your nacforadventurer and totally (not) expert scouter,



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