action camera overview for skiing and biking: insta360 vs GoPro

YouTube Video: Action Camera Overview For Biking and Skiing: GoPro vs. Insta 360

Since consistently vlogging, I’ve found that the best way to incorporate riding (on both skis and bikes) into my videos has been to record my POV using action cameras. It’s so easy. It captures trail shenanigans. Sometimes a crash or two. And definitely the rad riding and views we get to experience.

I wanted to take some time to share the cameras I have used, as well as outline my personal preferences, pros, cons, and other favorite features. In this video, I do a quick overview of each of the cameras – which includes a GoPro 10, Insta 360 ONEX2, and, my newest camera, the GoPro Max 360. I also chat a little bit about the editing process and my insights on the different softwares, as well as share some of the footage we got when Nic and I took all three out to the mountain.

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