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YouTube Video: Photo and Ski Weekend Vlog

This weekend wasn’t the raddest lines we’ve ever skied. It wasn’t crazy untracked pow…well, maybe a little bit of that. But it was still a fun time. This vlog has it all: hanging out with friends, cooking up some brunch before some afternoon laps, parking lot photo sessions, even some technical difficulties (you’ll know when you get there)…

Despite less than average conditions, we were still able to get some photos and pull together a basic retelling of our weekend.

It was a weekend of few words, instead focusing on the visuals and sounds of the earth and how we connected with it.

That got real deep real fast, so I’ll let the video do the talking.

Huge thanks to Abigail for this weeks question. Drop a question in the comments on the YouTube video, and Nic and I will pick one each week to answer in the next video.

If you liked my green egg flower ski bibs, take a look at Hoohah, a rad sustainably-focused ski and outdoors wear company out of Colorado. I met Anna through socials, and we even met IRL while she was passing through Utah. She is bringing fun colorful fashion to the outdoor industry, and I couldn’t be more excited about it. Plus, they look so good with my rainbow MoonBoots.

Use code “AJ” for a little discount and to help support this channel and Hoohah. I’m a huge fan of the fleece boxers and bra top. And the “SKI YA LATER” sticker is on my work laptop.

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