How to pack a ski bag, skiing gear

YouTube Video: What I Pack In My Ski Bag

It’s time to pack up and head to the hill.

But what do we bring?

Skiing involves lots of different gear, which leaves room for error and frustration when you are making your way from your house to the ski hill and back.

In this video, I share how I store and pack my ski bag to maximize my gear for ski days ahead. From protecting my goggles to ensuring that my feet stay warm as possible, I’ve come up with a process that works to make ski trips efficient and easy.

I do want to note that there is no correct way to do this. There’s no code. No official rules. So don’t be afraid to find out what works best for you, your equipment, and your lifestyle.

Links for this video:

Wildhorn Outfitters Boot Bag

Your nacforadventurer and semi-pro ski bag packer,



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