Basic Content creation tips youtube video

YouTube Video: Basic Content Creation Tips

For the past couple years, I have been working hard to get where I am today… a full-time freelance content creator.

I never knew that it was the goal, but I am happy that it led me here.

I headed outside to the snowy mountains for a little outdoor chat about content creation. This video goes over my background in the field, as well as some tips that I have learned along the way. The information is based on a blog that I wrote earlier this year after I went full-time freelance, which you can read here:

A Guide to Content Creation From a Gal That’s Still Figuring It Out

It’s a continuous process, but it’s been fun to look back at how far I have come, as well as the overall growth in the creation and social media space.

I also started a new segment for each YouTube video, so drop a question in the comments, and I will choose one to answer in the next video.

It’s officially the kickoff for the winter season, so stay tuned for some fun ski days ahead.

And if you like my jacket in the video, head to Halfdays to check out some of their new gear.

Your nacforadventurer, and gal who’s still figuring it out,



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