Costumes that you can make from items in your closet

Halloween Costumes Hiding In Your Closet

2021 was the second year of me trying to find costumes in my closet. While I was working from home during the COVID pandemic of 2020, I decided to dress up every day in October to see if I was able to find 31 days of costumes from my closet. Whether it stemmed the fact that I wanted to protest the one-use costumes from Amazon and the local Halloween shops or just because I was very bored from working from home and social distancing, I reconnected with my creative roots.

From Batman to Louise of Thelma and Louise to Leela from Futurama and beyond, I tried to sift through my closet (and technically also Nic’s closet) to come up with 31 completely different costumes.

I wanted to prove that costumes could come from every day clothing. That you could reduce, reuse, and recycle your way to an iconic costume. And not only did this become a way to showcase my love for costuming, cosplay, and dressing up, it also was a way to subtly tell people that synthetic costumes are a thing of that past, and the first place to look for themed parties should be your closet or secondhand.

In 2021, I had another successful year of showing off these characters with a second installment of “Costumes in My Closet”, where I posted a costume every single day on my Instagram story. While some were repeats from 2020, I also was able to come up with new ideas from new clothing items I had acquired and old clothing items that I saw in a new light.

Now, we’re back for the 3rd year, and I couldn’t be more excited to show some of the ideas that I have been thinking about all year. Every time I see a new character/ costume or buy a piece at the thrift store, I add it to the list in my iPhone notes titled “A Sustainable Gal’s Closet Halloween Costumes”.

Let’s take a look at last year’s contenders, and get excited for a full month of costumes in my closet.

And yes, I do wear the costume all day, no matter where I go. That’s the rule.

A sustainable gal trying to find costumes in her closet,



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