testing out deet free bug spray while fishing with alot of mosquitos

YouTube Video: Testing Deet-Free Bug Spray

Hello and welcome back to an outdoor experiment with NACFORADVENTURE.

This week, we are putting deet-free bug spray to the test. With ingredients like citronella and lemongrass, this bug spray smells amazing… but I need something that will protect me from mosquitoes, because I seem to always be the one that’s targeted and bitten.

We head to the river to test the Kinfield Golden Hour Bug Spray while fishing and hanging out in the great outdoors.

While I have worked with Kinfield in the past, I do want to say that this post is not sponsored and is my honest opinion and experience using this product for the first time!

If you finish the video and want to try it, you can find all of Kinfield’s products here (the Sunglow Luminizing Face Glow Sunscreen has quickly become my go-to sunscreen!). Use code AJ15 for a lil discount as well!

Your nacforadventurer and a gal that really put trust into this bug spray,



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